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• Muscle & Joint Pain
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• Elimination Problems
• Women’s Health
• Men’s Health
• Respiratory Ailments
• Skin Problems
• Eye Disorders, and more…

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As children, most of us enjoyed vibrant health, unlimited enthusiasm and abundant joy. Unfortunately, the level of wellbeing we once experienced gradually diminishes as we grow older because of stress, trauma, lifestyle and poor nutrition. For too many people suffering becomes their idea of normal, and they lose hope of ever feeling their best again.

Take heart! There is hope. You can regain vibrant health and make your life a celebration instead of a daily struggle. Hundreds of thousands of people throughout the world have already regained vitality and rediscovered their innate joy with the support of Ayurveda — a proven system of healthcare from India that has survived for more than 5,000 years.

At Blue Pearl Ayurveda we strive to make Ayurveda easy and accessible for you. We offer practical applications from the ancient Siddha Ved tradition that will assist you on your journey to greater wholeness. With our help, you can take charge of bringing balance and joy back to your life.

  • Consult with Tom Mitchell, D.C., an Ayurvedic expert who will tailor your recovery plan.
  • Access natural and effective food supplements that address chronic health problems.
  • Learn about home remedies for many acute and chronic health problems.
  • Discover dietary guidelines that facilitate healing and sustain optimal health.
  • Find lifestyle recommendations that support total balance in the body, mind and emotions.
  • Explore this site to learn about the fundamental principlesspoon of Ayurveda.

“It amazes me that I can have a brief telephone consultation with Dr. Mitchell, and he knows exactly what my mind, body and spirit need.”
—Harriet Reisman-Snyder
Dallas, Texas



The Blue Pearl

The Blue Pearl is an experience in deep meditation that has been reported for centuries by saints, sages and “ordinary” people of every mystical tradition. During meditation the small, limited mind sometimes dissolves and one’s awareness becomes united with the source of our Being:  the blissful, eternal, unlimited consciousness that is who we really are at the center of our existence. In that moment we see divinity manifest as a scintillating blue pearl in the inner space while we experience indescribable bliss and peace.

How is this mystical phenomenon relevant to a discussion about health? Health and wellness are far more than the mere absence of disease.  Ideal health is attained when we experience both vibrant physical health and an unbroken connection to this inner bliss and contentment.   At Blue Pearl Ayurveda we support your choice to make life a celebration instead of a struggle.